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T & T LOGISTICS LLC has grown into a full service delivery/courier/trucking company with offices located in St. Louis, Kansas City, Cedar Rapids, and Davenport.

One of the greatest challenges for any courier company business today is to maintain growth in an increasingly competitive market. Cost control is a primary element in the profitability equation and this is the primary goal of every business entity, whether large or small.

Over the past 20 years our management team has been providing both large and small businesses with competitive priced, high quality, on-time delivery service with fair competitive pricing. Quality in service has been our strength from the very beginning. Today that same quality of service shows up in every delivery we make.

Our company offers a wide range of services from local on demand delivery to expedited delivery to where it needs to go. We also offer dedicated daily route delivery, and dedicated on site drivers for your company's personal use.

We here at T & T LOGISTICS LLC look forward to helping your company with all of its delivery needs. We offer an Internet based system where you can quickly and easily enter the information for a delivery and it will be dispatched to an office near you. We also have friendly local representatives in the cities listed above that can provide a personal one on one attention to your company's delivery problems and questions.

T & T LOGISTICS LLC has established a leadership position in quality delivery service for hundreds of companies throughout the Midwest. Over our fifteen-year history, both as Access and now T & T we have further enhanced our business philosophy that places our client's "satisfaction" as our primary business mission.

T & T LOGISTICS LLC has distinguished itself by selectively hiring and extensively training our employee driving staff. T & T drivers are noted for their courteous manner, professional attitude, and distinctive uniforms.

T & T LOGISTICS LLC has the most advanced computer system in the industry; one of which simplifies your placement of delivery orders, tracks the timeliness of your deliveries, and insures accurate detailed invoices. Your invoice will display each delivery by date, destination, job description, and cost. T & T Logistics LLC offer's alternative invoicing such as EDI, COMPUTER DISK, and PROCUREMENT CARDS. Behind every good computer is an even better T & T representative who will take your delivery request and suggest the best method and type of delivery to meet your needs.

VENDOR / SUPPLIER relationships we like to think of as a partnership, similar to the relationships we have with our long time customers. If we find a good supplier we like to enter into a long-term relationship.


Customer Satisfaction is the top priority of every T & T Logistics, LLC employee and the purpose of every job. Excellence is expected and doing it right the first time is the rule. We accomplish this through advanced Technology, Communication, and Transportation Experience. Our Client's Satisfaction is our primary Business Mission.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have concerning our company or the services which we provide. Our ultimate goal is to provide a quality, cost effective way of handling your company's delivery/courier needs.

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